The Gainesville Haymarket Youth Football League (GHFYL) is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing a character building program for both boys and girls of the area through fundamental instructions associated with youth tackle football.



General Information for Flag Football:

  • For practices: each player will need cleats, a mouthpiece and plenty of water.
  • For games: each player will need cleats, a colored mouthpiece, black shorts with NO pockets and plenty of water.
  • Each player will be provided with a reversible jersey for them to keep.
  • Requests for coaches or specific practice days or locations are not accepted.
  • Coaches choose their own practice days/times/locations.
  • Flag Camp Registration is TBD(Spring only)
  • Games are played at the Grizzly Sports Complex (GSC) and Benton Middle School.
  • Practices are held at local schools in the Gainesville, Bristow, and Haymarket areas, as well as at the GSC.
  • The speed limit at the Complex is FIVE (5) mph. Please drive slow!
  • No Pets are to be brought to any practice or game field. Please inform family and friends that may attend.
  • Smoking is NOT permitted.
  • Please abide by all no parking signs and marked yellow curbs. Parking is not permitted in these places.
  • Please check the website or watch for emails regarding field status. Please note that games and practices held at the Complex will proceed when it rains.

Fall Flag Specifics:

  • Fall Flag Program is for Ages 5 & 6
  • Games are played on Sunday at 9:00 or 9:50 am at the Grizzly Sports Complex (GSC)
  • Early Bird Registration TBD
  • Regular Registration TBD
  • Late Registration TBD
  • When a Grizzly team plays another Grizzly team, the home team will wear dark colors.
  • The practice may begin early September
  • Games begin mid-September and will end in November.  All games are played on Sundays at 9:00 or 9:45am. 

Spring Flag Specifics:

  • Games are played on Friday/Saturday/Sunday with the majority played on Sunday.
  • Spring Flag Program is for Ages 5-6, 7-8, 9-10,11-12, and 13-15

Important 2021 Spring Flag Football Dates

  • Early Bird Registration opens TBD
  • Regular registration rates start TBD
  • Late registration rates start TBD
  • Registration is open through TBD
  • Flag Football Camp at the Grizzly Sports Complex (TBD)
  • March 29 ~ Flag Practices May Begin 
  • April 4 ~ Easter Weekend/No Games
  • April 11 ~ First Flag Games!
  • May 30 ~ Memorial Weekend/No Games
  • June 7-13 ~ Playoff Tournament

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