The Gainesville Haymarket Youth Football League (GHFYL) is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing a character building program for both boys and girls of the area through fundamental instructions associated with youth tackle football.

FCYFL Weigh-in Procedures and Information
Coaches, Players, and Parents

In order to verify proper team assignments, every year, FCYFL requires each player to present proof of age and be weighed by League officials.  The process involves over 6,000 players and therefore must be well regulated to insure order and consistency.
Acceptable Player Identification Cards:
Virginia Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV) Identification Cards:
  • Personal ID Card (16 and under)
  • Learner’s Permit (15 & 16)
  • Drivers License (16)
Identification cards must be current and not expired.  Players with expired ID cards will not be allowed to weigh in.
This year’s first Official Weigh-in will be held on Saturday, August 11, 2012 at Falls Church High School.  Each Club is assigned a time and door location.  Your Club’s Commissioner will provide this information for your team.  The time and door information and a map of Falls Church High School is also posted in the documents section of the FCYFL web page.  When you arrive, please go to Staging Area A for your assigned door.  Please arrange to arrive in car pools.  Arrive no more than 15 minutes before your club’s assigned time. PARK LEGALLY!  We are guests in Falls Church High School and the surrounding community.  Fairfax County Police will be present at the Saturday weigh-ins to ensure that parking and other laws are followed.
All Players will be required to present a current, acceptable Player Identification Card.  Players will only be admitted with their team, at their proper door, at their assigned time.  At the appropriate time, your Club will assemble, by team or weight class, outside the building.  At the check-in station, the coach will then check in with the outside monitors.  Teams, accompanied by their Head Coach and one assistant, will then be allowed to enter the building.  The team will be escorted by FCYFL staff to a staging area where they may remove shoes and other articles in preparation for the weigh-in. (Note: Players may go to the scales in swimwear or gym shorts, but not in their underwear or any other garment deemed inappropriate by a league official. They may NOT weigh in jeans or heavy cargo type shorts and males must remove shirts).
The Team will then lineup for the official weigh-in procedure.  The Player lineup should be arranged alphabetically.  The Coach will identify his club and weight class to the FCYFL Official at the Weigh-in table.  Players will hold their ID Cards.  Each player will be called individually to the table to present their ID and be weighed on the FCYFL scales.  When complete, the Player will collect their ID from the FCYFL Official, return to their staging area, dress, and leave the building as a team with the Coach’s assistant.
The Head Coach will report to the Club’s Commissioner those players not meeting the age and weight criteria for their team. Please note that the official weight is final and re-weighing is not allowed.  Those not meeting the team’s requirements will be reassigned by the Club’s Commissioner to the Club’s team for which they are eligible.  If there is no appropriate team available within the Club, the Player may re-weigh at a late weigh-in. Those not achieving proper weight by the last official weigh-in are not eligible to play in FCYFL. Anyone attending the first late weigh-in on Saturday, August 18th (other than a re-weigh) are required to pay a $10.00 late charge, no exceptions.  The following late weigh-in date is set for August 25th and that late fee increases to $20.00, again there are no exceptions. Any subsequent weigh-ins hereafter will be charged $50 per player, no exceptions.  Players are also required to present their IDs at all late weigh-ins. Players attending late weigh-ins because of invalid ID at the Official Weigh-in are not considered a re-weigh and must pay the established late fees.
Coaches Checklist
1.       Verify with your Commissioner that your players are on the uploaded spreadsheet.
2.       Verify that the player information on ID is accurate.
3.       Arrange players in alphabetical order by last name. 
4.       We will know if a child is eligible for a reweigh based on information in the database.
Helpful Hints for Weigh-In Day: Temperatures soar and humidity climbs in the summertime, we must take special precautions for protection from unhealthy conditions.  Weigh-in day is no exception.  Although the League schedules Clubs throughout the day to limit waiting times, problems with incomplete paperwork and proper organization of the teams ahead of yours may require your team to wait outside the building for an extended period.  Therefore, everyone must be prepared:
1.      Plan for the extreme weather conditions and remember that the majority of your time in attendance of the Weigh-in is spent outdoors waiting your team’s turn.
2.      Bring hats, umbrellas, and other shade devices.  Limited shady areas are available around the building. Consider cool washcloths and spray misters if temperatures get too high.
3.      Provide plenty of liquids to drink. Although you may want to limit drinks prior to Weigh-in, consider safety first.  Do not allow your Players to dehydrate.  The High School Boosters will provide a concession stand with refreshments and snacks during the Saturday weigh-ins.
4.      Limit the attendance of Player’s parents and family members.  Pregnant mothers, infants, and the elderly may suffer hardest from the heat.  Carpool whenever possible to limit those required to wait outside.  Parking is limited to available school lots and street parking in front of school.
5.      Remember: Only the Head Coach, or designate, and one assistant may enter the building with the Players!  This speeds the process for all.
Falls Church High School is located on Route 50 East at the first traffic light (Jaguar Trail) inside the Beltway.  Door 8 is located facing the tennis courts and athletic fields.  Door 9 is located on the Main entrance side of the school.  Door 7 is located at the rear of the building.
Falls Church High School
7521 Jaguar Trail
Falls Church, Virginia 22042

FCYFL Weigh In
Saturday, August 18th

Door 7   Door 8   Door 9  
Vienna 9:00 AM Dulles South 9:00 AM American Pride 9:00 AM
Annandale 9:20 AM Braddock Road 9:15 AM McLean Youth 9:15 AM
Chantilly 9:40 AM Fort Belvoir 9:30 AM Springfield 9:30 AM
Arlington 10:00 AM Manassas 9:45 AM Alexandria 9:45 AM
Gainesville 10:15 AM Herndon 10:00 AM Gum Springs 10:00 AM
James Lee 10:40 AM Southwestern 10:15 AM Fort Hunt 10:15 AM
Reston 10:55 AM South County 10:35 AM Lee Franconia 10:30 AM
    Fairfax Police 10:50 AM Bucknell 10:45 AM

Door Assignments
When you arrive, please go to the appropriate staging area. Please see the map posted under 'Documents' for specific locations.