The Gainesville Haymarket Youth Football League (GHFYL) is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing a character building program for both boys and girls of the area through fundamental instructions associated with youth tackle football.


FCYFL Age and Weight Matrix

In an effort to ensure we continue to serve our community and the largest group of children, the Board of Commissioners approved a small modification to the FCYFL Age and Weight Matrix to adjust the upper weight classes (130lbs and 155lbs) to be more inclusive of the majority of middle school age children so that they may participate and prepare for High School ball.

In addition to the weight matrix, the FCYFL divides most of the Weight Classes into 3 development levels or Divisions. We believe that the combination of the weight matrix with the 3 skill levels will provide the vast majority of kids with the opportunity to be successful at their own pace. There are 2 exceptions to the 3 skill levels: 1) at Anklebiters (AB) all children are considered to be  Developmental, and 2) at the 155lb weight class where participation levels prevent splitting into multiple teams and the majority of the kids are on the last stage before moving on to High School football.

This Age and Weight Matrix is OFFICIAL. Until such time as the Official Rules are updated, the below matrix will continue to serve as the OFFICIAL matrix. The minimum weight requirement for participating is 40lbs for Anklebiters and 56lbs for other weight classes. Players must weigh at or greater than the minimum by the official weigh-in (Typically mid-to-late August).

Birthday Age Cutoff Dates: Ages 7-11 and 14 - Age on October 1; Ages 15-16 - 15-year-olds that turn 16 on or before December 31st must play 155lbs. No player that turns 17 on or before December 31st is eligible to play.


The Weight Requirements Table | Updated April 2019


Team 7 8 9 10 11 12* 13* 14 15** 16***
AB UNL 90 55              
80LB   Unlimited/100* 100 85 80          
90LB     Unlimited/110* 110 95 90        
100LB       Unlimited/120* 120 105 100      
115LB         Unlimited/135* 130 120 115    
130LB           Unlimited/150* 140 135 130  
155LB             Unlimited/175* Unlimited/165* 160 155


* Maximum weight for a player to carry the ball in Anklebiters is 70lbs. Anklebiter players over the 70lb limit and all other unlimited players at other weight classes are not eligible to play in a position that normally handles the ball unless they are at or below the listed maximum ball carrier weight (the weight limit listed next to "Unlimited/" on the chart above). Positions excluded for unlimited players exceeding the maximum ballcarrier limit include all offensive backfield positions, all eligible receivers and tight end positions, and any position not on the first line of a special teams formation. Exceptions include the offensive positions of center, punter, and placekicker.

** 15-year-olds that turn 16 on or before December 31st must play 155lbs.

*** 16-year-olds that turn 17 on or before December 31st are not eligible to play

Only youth between the ages of 7 and 16 years of age and who weigh at least 40 pounds may participate in the FCYFL. All youth shall play in the Age/Weight Division that they are eligible for. There will be no waivers.

Commissioners are responsible for checking birth dates and weights at club registration and the official FCYFL Weigh-In. For example, a 10-year-old will play in the 90# group if he weighs from 86 to 100 pounds. He may not play in the 100# group unless he weighs at least 101 pounds.

For the purpose of eligibility in the various Age/Weight Divisions, a player's age on October 1 of the current year will determine his football age. Example: A youth who becomes 10 years old on or before October 1 will play as a 10-year-old. A youth who becomes 10 at any time after October 1st of the current year will play as a 9-year-old.

    • Age 7 is unlimited
    • Age 8 can weigh up to 90lbs
    • Age 9 can weigh up to 55lbs
    • Age 8 is unlimited (100lbs Maximum weight for a player to carry the ball)
    • Age 9 can weigh 56lbs to 100lbs
    • Age 10 can weigh up to 85lbs
    • Age 11 can weigh up to 80lbs
    • Age 9 is unlimited (110lbs Maximum weight for a player to carry the ball)
    • Age 10 can weigh 86lbs to 110lbs
    • Age 11 can weigh 81lbs to 95lbs
    • Age 12 can weigh up to 90lbs
    • Age 10 is unlimited (120lbs Maximum weight for a player to carry the ball)
    • Age 11 can weigh 96lbs to 120lbs
    • Age 12 can weigh 91lbs 105lbs
    • Age 13 can weigh up to 100lbs
    • Age 11 is unlimited (135lbs Maximum weight for a player to carry the ball)
    • Age 12 can weigh 106lbs to 130lbs
    • Age 13 can weigh 101lbs to 120lbs
    • Age 14 can weigh up to 115lbs
    • Age 12 is unlimited (150lbs Maximum weight for a player to carry the ball)
    • Age 13 can weigh 121lbs to 140lbs
    • Age 14 can weigh 116lbs to 135lbs
    • Age 15 can weigh up to 130lbs
    • Age 13 is unlimited (175lbs Maximum weight for a player to carry the ball)
    • Age 14 is unlimited (165lbs Maximum weight for a player to carry the ball)
    • Age 15 can weigh 131lbs to 160lbs
    • Age 16 can weigh up to 155lbs

Identification and verification

Each player must obtain a Player Identification Card. The card will be required as an official player identification at all FCYFL Weigh-Ins and upon demand by the FCYFL Standards and Rules Committee pursuant to the execution of the Committee's official duties.

Player Identification Card shall be the sole allowable proof of age in determining a player's eligibility.

Accepted Player Identification Cards

  • A current Virginia DMV-issued CHILD ID (NOT EXPIRED)  IS REQUIRED for official league weigh-ins in August. This is a change from the 2022 tackle season

  • DMV offices are located in Manassas and Warrenton, for information regarding how and where to obtain a CHILD ID please visit the DMV website at 


No other Identification Cards/Proof of Age and Residence are acceptable.

All identification cards must be valid, current, and issued within the time frame noted above.


Maintaining Eligibility

Identification Cards

All Player Identification Cards of eligible participants shall be maintained during the football season by the Player. All Player Identification Cards shall be available on demand from FCYFL Standards and Rules Committee members.

If at any time during the season, a protest is filed against a player, the Commissioner and Head Coach of the player against whom the protest has been lodged shall attend the FCYFL Standards and Rules Committee Meeting or Weigh-In, as specified, with the Player Identification Card.

Other Requirements and/or Rules

  • A player will have only one chance to make his weight. Once he steps on an official scale and is found to be overweight, he must move up to the proper higher weight class. A player who cannot move to a higher weight class, either because their league does not file a higher weight class team, or because they fall outside the boundaries of the weigh-in requirements for any class, may be allowed a second weigh-in at a time and place designated by the Standards and Rules Committee Vice-Chairman.
  • There will be no waivers for weight.
  • All players must be officially weighed in to become eligible for FCYFL competition.
  • All youth registered with one organization become a member of that organization's team roster at the time of his official Weigh-In and cannot be transferred to another organization's team during the football season and post-season.
  • Youth shall wear gym shorts or bathing suits at a minimum. Youth shall wear only one of each of shorts (or bathing suit), t-shirt, and socks as a maximum. No long pants, coats, shoes, football uniforms, or other heavier garments will be allowed.
  • Late weigh-ins, if deemed necessary by the FCYFL, shall be conducted at a time and place to be announced, with a per-player late weigh-in fee, paid to FCYFL.

See the official rulebook for additional information.